Scott Dean – Owner/Principal Designer

Scott Dean, owner and principal designer of Scott’s Creative Home, has more than twenty-five years of design experience. He is successful in this business because of his ability to solve design problems. Whether he is working with a client to solve their color dilemma or layout concern, Scott listens to the client, identifies the problem and gives them a solution. His primary duty is to connect people with their home.

Scott was a co-host on CW Iowa which addressed a design issue each week.  The topics ranged from room space planning to local shopping.

His favorite projects include those which involve an overhaul to the interior’s atmosphere; a project in which he can completely change the feeling of a home for the better. Scott is very considerate of budget but does not believe it should be the end-all for most projects. Most importantly, he is concerned with getting a home done right the first time. After all, that is why he’s in this business. Scott wants to make sure that you are satisfied with the work and the design that will influence and impact your daily life. It’s all about what you want for your home, not what you’ve been told to like.

For Scott, a home is more than just a place to eat, sleep and relax. A home is a space for relaxation, rejuvenation and where connections are made amongst families. Scott can help you determine if your home is functioning best for your lifestyle. He will help you discover your feelings upon entering your home, walking you through all the details and components that may be adding or subtracting from your experience. If you cannot relax, rejuvenate or connect in your home, then Scott can help.

Scott’s Hobbies…

Whether he is playing with his three cats or five chickens or running marathons, Scott likes to stay busy! He has visited 42 countries and hopes to travel more in the future. He is the author of three travel photography books.

As an active member of the Des Moines community, Scott believes it is important to pass along his time and talent. He is involved with the American Lung Association, Animal Rescue League of Iowa and the Tibetan Aid Project. Scott’s biggest drive is to support and empower children, especially those who need a loving, stable home.

Scott’s goal for the future is to help others create rejuvenation spaces that will recharge their lives. He will bring his love of zen culture and his deep spirituality to focus on the subject of eco-friendly, sustainable design or the “healthy home.”


Megan Baccam – Studio Manager and Interior Designer

Megan is your Account Representative and Design Consultant. Megan is your go to person for account information and payment processing. She can answer all questions. Megan has been working with Scott for nearly 15 years and knows how to keep things moving on your project. Megan is a graduate of the University of Northern Iowa with a BA in Textiles and Apparel. She previously worked as an assistant buyer for Younkers. She travels to market with Scott every fall to shop the latest fashions in the interior design world.

Erin Beaumont – Interior Design Consultant

Erin earned her degree at the University of Northern Iowa and currently services our clients in Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas. “My concept is to help you with your decorating needs, big or small, as cost efficiently as possible. Your home is not only the most important investment in your life, it’s where you live! It reflects a style and personality and it should be as beautiful, comfortable and pleasurable as it can possibly be.”

Erin will work closely with you and help you transform your home into the place that you have long-desired. To learn more visit erinscreativehome.com.